Produced Hindi film "two desires and a dream"

(The First Ever Quadriplegic ACTOR in the Cine World)


Contrapunto’s recently released Hindi film “TWO DESIRES AND A DREAM” had made a record with A Rare Attempt starring World’s First ever Quadriplegic Actor.The film “TWO DESIRES AND A DREAM” is an honest attempt to unravel the innate, unseen, unknown feelings and emotional aspects of a person with a serious disability.The message of the film is... people with disability are just like any other able-bodied/ normal human being. They also have Feelings, Emotions and DESIREs... and, it's time our society recognizes and respects this reality.The USP of the film is…. The protagonist, a severely disabled person himself bringing into lights the innate unseen, unknown feelings and emotional aspects of persons with disability…. which is first-of-its-kind anywhere in the world…film.

The story unwinds through a real life quadriplegic Jitendra who is also playing the role of the main protagonist in the film. After months of online interaction a chance encounter with Swapna, a celebrity socialite, Jitendra develops unexplained feelings for her. And through their subsequent conversations reveals the loneliness, the agony, the frustration as well as the hope, the desire, the passion… people with disabilities have in their lives. As the story progresses, Jitendra starts developing weakness for the girl… leading to an interesting sequence of events that take the film towards a pulsating end.

Star Cast : Preeti Jhangian, Bijaya Jena, Jitendra Biswal,Swapna Pati, Aryan Vaid,Hemant Chaudhary & Brijendra Kala


EXECUTIVE ProduceR For Hindi film "HIJRAT"

The film stars Rabia Butt, Asad Zaman, Rubab Ali, Nadeem Baig and Ayub


Contrapunto was the Executive Producer (India) for Pakistani Film "HIJRAT". We did all the Song recording,Song Shoot and Post Production for Hijrat in India.Hijrat is a 2016 Pakistani romantic film directed by Farouq Mengal and produced by FM Productions.

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Contrapunto & Arm films "Randari"

Directed by Avinash Nanda & Abhimanyu Mishra


Rangdari captures the enigma and mystery in a raw visual format that depicts the life and times of one of the most legendary dons to have ever ruled over 6 states of north and central India.It traces the don's rise to fame and power with equal doses of cruelty and calmness. Messiah or murderer depending how you stand in relation to his principles of justice and fair play. He is revered and feared in the same breath. Saint and satan in a heady cocktail mix. The unofficial 'Robinhood'.While a Muslim by faith, more Hindus have faith in his sense of justice than Muslims.

The film chronicles the life of this larger than life character with an intensity and sensitivity that has rarely been seen in Hindi cinema since Bandit Queen. He has killed corrupt ministers, he has got hundreds of poor girls married with his own money without dowry.

The star cast are: Gaurav Chopra, Manjul Aasim, Kajal Yadav , Kiran Kumar, Ali Quli Mirza , Shakti Kapoor , Mushtaq Khan & Raju Mawani